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WellisAir Cartridge - Barely Scented (Citrus Oil)

WellisAir Cartridge - Barely Scented (Citrus Oil)

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Please note: We advise against stockpiling too many cartridges because they can begin to lose their effectiveness after 6 months. We would not recommend you store more than 2 unused cartridges per unit at a time.

Clean, Easy to Swap Hydropure Cartridges

  • WellisAir hydropure cartridges last 3 months each for non-stop 24/7 surface and air purification of your entire home.
  • Light scent of oranges
  • Proprietary Citrus Oil Blend
  • Contains no toxins or chemicals — all natural contents.
  • WellisAir's patented hydropure molecular technology replicates Mother Nature to provide a constant stream of purifying molecules that destroy contaminants on both surfaces and in the air. No pathogen can survive without hydrogen, and WellisAir steals the hydrogen and combines it with oxygen to form H2O. 
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