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How does WellisAir's OH Radical Technology work?

The sun's rays combine with moisture in the air to create atmospheric hydroxyls that clean and protect the earth's environment. (OH) Radicals are generated in nature and found in the ozone. The WellisAir unit produces these same OH particles to destroy surface and airborne contaminants including viruses.  WellisAir OH radicals steal hydrogen molecules from viruses and bacteria and join them with oxygen to form tiny water molecules which then evaporate. It is completely harmless and clean.

What is the size of the WellisAir unit?

6” Depth x 8.5” Width X 14.5” Height. Weight of 4.17 lbs including the cartridge.

WellisAir units are engineered to hang, sit, or stand in the tightest of spaces.

Can the unit be mounted on a wall?

Yes, it comes with a wall mount kit as well as an WellisAir stand.

How many square feet does the WellisAir cover?

More than 1000 square feet, and up to approximately 1500 square feet, depending on conditions and layout.

Does this device clean surfaces, or just air?

The WellisAir unit will clean all surfaces including wood, metal, plastic, and fiber.

What is the warranty?

WellisAir comes with a 2 year warranty. (Full parts and labor) The Pro model hsa a full lifetime warranty

How much power does WellisAir use?

It is incredibly energy efficient at 3.6 watts per hour.  Average cost of $0.25 /month.

Will I need to replace a Filter or UV Lamp?

The WellisAir technology does not use filters or lamps. Instead, clean cartridges will need to be replaced about every 3 months running 24/7. No messy filters to be handled or replaced.

Is WellisAir Eco-friendly?

Yes, the powerful purifying substance OH is generated naturally in the atmosphere, and is used to clean and purify. It meets all emission safety standards.

How will I know if the room is clean?

WellisAir has a three step light indicator. 

  • RED (The room has contaminants)
  • YELLOW (The room is safe, but the unit is still disinfecting)
  • BLUE (the room is clean)

Is this new or proven technology?

It's both! This is a new and improved method, more innovative than decades-old HEPA filtration. It's also proven and established — OH Technology was developed over 3 years ago for Medical facility applications. It is patented, laboratory tested, and proven in real applications and studies.

Are there any harmful emissions, radiation or chemicals?

No! No chemicals or UV radiation are emitted from the WellisAir unit.