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WellisAir Cartridge - Unscented

WellisAir Cartridge - Unscented

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Please note: We advise against stockpiling too many cartridges because they can begin to lose their effectiveness after 6 months. We would not recommend you store more than 2 unused cartridges per unit at a time.

Clean, Easy to Swap Hydropure Cartridges

  • WellisAir hydropure cartridges last 3 months each for non-stop 24/7 surface and air purification of your entire home.
  • Completely unscented 
  • Proprietary Hydrogen-Peroxide Blend
  • Contains no toxins or chemicals — all natural contents.
  • WellisAir's patented hydropure molecular technology replicates Mother Nature to provide a constant stream of purifying molecules that destroy contaminants on both surfaces and in the air. No pathogen can survive without hydrogen, and WellisAir steals the hydrogen and combines it with oxygen to form H2O. 
  • NEW non-citrus oil formulation based on all natural H202.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Kathleen LeVea
Unscented cartridge

Works well.

DeEtta Fleischman
Wellis Air

I Love my Wellis Air. I bought two machines. One for my living area and one for the bedroom. I get sick very easy and I am 80 years old. I Don't want to jinx myself, but I have not been sick. I have not had Bronchitis or any bronchial problems. I hope I am never without my Wellis Air and the Cartridges of course. They are simple to change. 💗 Also the machine is small, lightweight and easy to handle.

Isla Schmidt
We love Wellis!

We love our WellisAir, we have two. They’re so quiet and we can definitely feel the difference when using it. Easy to change the filters also.

tom charles

Great product a little high price but unit works well.

ilda Izquierdo
Air cartridge

I like but I prefer the one with lemon essence

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