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WellisAir Pro Package

WellisAir Pro Package

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A Bundle For Public Spaces, Offices, Schools, and Medical Buildings 

This product configuration bundle is designed for the public spaces. It includes a Lifetime Warranty on the unit, plus an additional extra cartridge (2 in total). 

WellisAir Purifier's patented technology replicates Mother Nature to provide a constant stream of hydroxyls that destroy contaminants on both surfaces and in the air. Steals the hydrogen and combines it with OH radicals to form H2O - water vapor which evaporates. The WellisAir Purifier is the best air sanitizer system available for stores, offices, classrooms and medical office, making them the ideal health protection solution.

WellisAir Surface & Air Purifier: The Science

Cleaning Cartridges Included

  • Wellis Air Pro: 2 Free Wellis Cartridges (6 Months of Clean Surface and Air)



Wellis Air Purifier Dimensions

  • Length: 6 inches
  • Width: 8.5 inches
  • Height: 14.5 inches

Wellis Air Purifier Weight

  • 3.7 lbs


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  • Whole Home Purification

    Produces and spreads Hydropure Molecules, which naturally devour contaminants and leave behind water vapor.

  • Allergies, Viruses, Mold, Smoke, & More

    Destroys allergens, odors, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) wherever they lurk. On surfaces, in the air — even inside the walls and vents.

  • Compact & Smart Design

    A WellisAir Whole Home Purification unit can hang, sit, or stand in tight spaces. It's whisper quiet, lightweight, and small.

  • Energy Efficient

    Low electric consumption: Only 3.6 watts per hour. (An estimated 25 cents per month when running 24/7)

  • Simple Operation

    WellisAir works with Hydropure Cartridges which are charged with a proprietary solution. Each cartridge lasts for 3 months of 24/7 operation.

  • Large Range of Efficacy

    One unit can reach and neutralize contaminants within 1,000+ square feet. Looking to cover larger spaces? We offer multi-unit bundles for full coverage.

  • Tactile Display

    Features a tactile display with the following functionalityu: ON/OFF, Night Mode, Alarm indicators, Low Cartridge Alert.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Real time LED which shows the air and surface contamination state inside the actuation zone. Display LED changes color from red, yellow, and blue for clean.

  • Whisper Quiet

    Worried you want be able to hear yourself think? Unlike filters and fans, WellisAir features low sound levels —less than 30 decibels

  • Night Mode

    Night mode turns the LED indicator off while continuing to purify the air so you can rest easy.

  • Filter-Free Technology

    No dirty or dusty filters or complicated UV replacement lamps are needed. Just a simple cartridge you swap every three months.

  • Zero Percent Financing

    Simply choose from available multi-pay options when you check out.

Hydropure Cartridge Included

2 Free OH Cartridge (6 Months of Purification)

Complete Lifetime Warranty

LIFETIME Coverage on all Parts and Labor

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

You'll have 90 full days once your WellisAir unit is delivered to see for yourself how much of a difference this revolutionary whole home purifier will make in your life! If you decide for any reason you'd like to return for a full refund, we'll pay for the return shipping!

Full Specifications

Length: 6 inches
Width: 8.5 inches
Height: 14.5 inches
Weight: 3.7 lbs