How Long to Run Air Purifiers for Great Performance

How Long to Run Air Purifier for Great Performance

Why Air Purifiers are Vital for Home?

The environment around us is deeply polluted with toxins, contaminants and many harmful substances that are found extensively on not just land and water. The pollution has seeped massively in the air around us and from there, the indoors of our houses which we consider safe. But that may not be the case. There is no doubt that there is no place like home but with the increasing levels of toxic air pollutants and allergens in the air, even the indoor air of a house is severely compromised. Our workplaces are equally suffering due to the similar nature of the building itself.

Bearing all of this in our mind it is important to realize that air purifiers for home has become a necessity rather than a luxury. The innovation of air purifiers has changed our indoor environment for good once and for all. We are able to breathe healthy air and live a better physical life.

How Long Do You Need to Run an Air Purifier for Best Results?

How Long Do You Need to Run an Air Purifier for Best Results?

For best possible results, air purifiers ought to be operated continually since allergens and dirt continue to tracked indoors through the air vents and openings even after the air is purified. An air purifier works effectively against pollen and mold allergies that can be triggered even out of season. The air purifier refines the air of dust particles and other harmful allergens that are floating around to give you best results. It can be left running 24 hours. Air purifiers help to keep seasonal allergies under control effectively.

If you do not wish to run air purifier for 24 hours then you might keep it on for a minimum of 10-12 hours for effective performance. Air purifiers do not get hot and do not produce ozone. They are eco-friendly and can be set for optimal operation regardless of whether someone is home or otherwise.

How Much Does it Cost to Run an Air Purifier for a Long Period of Time?

Air purifiers do not consume a lot of electricity but if we can safely say it does not cause a dent to your monthly bills. Smart air purifiers such as WellisAir uses 3.6 watts per hour and hence $0.25/ hour. You might consider this an investment to the overall physical and mental health of your body. It also contributes well to your sleep which in turn improves your night routine.

Are There Any Side Effects of Running An Air Purifier Long Enough?

The air purifiers available these days are equipped with sensors. These sensors are smart enough to sense the changes in the air quality and adjust the purifier accordingly. Running on low energy consumption, there is hardly any side effect that we expect from an air purifier. The air purifiers are working in complement to nature and do not harm it in any manner. Even if you run air purifier that kills viruses all day long, the only thing you might have to do is check its filters and maintain them as much as possible.

Is It Safe to Run Air Purifiers Continuously?

Yes, It’s safe! Due to its low power consumption and eco-friendly working model. There is no risk of short circuit or electrocution to anything that goes by it. Air purifiers do not produce harmful ozone and nowadays latest purifier models are provided with sensors that detect the toxic level of the air and switch on or off accordingly. This further saves electricity and also gives you a peace of mind about it. Make sure to clean any filters that the air purifier is using to prevent it from performing poorly.

How Long to Run Air Purifier in Bedroom For Quality Sleep?

How Long to Run Air Purifier in Bedroom to Get a Quality Sleep

Healthy fresh air is vital for a good quality sleep at night. It is recommended that a fresh breeze or ventilation through windows or doors can lead to a better sleep but that is a luxury not everyone can have. Another alternative to get fresh air without letting in the bugs and mosquitoes is the use of an air purifier while you sleep. It will circulate neat and healthy air that will further facilitate your body to relax and sleep rather peacefully. It is an investment that will go a long way.

What's the Extraction Rate of an Air Purifier?

Extraction rate is explained as the process when all the air is run through the air purifier at least once. This rate is rather difficult to determine or set. But on average it is safe to say that in an hour, the air is circulated at least 6 times. So with these statistics you can safely say that your air will be purified to a higher extent if it is run for 12 hours.

How Long to Run an Air Purifier to Eliminate Allergens?

How Long to Run an Air Purifier to Eliminate Allergens Effectively?

There is no time period specified to stipulate exactly how long an air purifier must remain turn on in the working state. The most fundamental reason behind it is the air quality in every room is different from the other. Air quality is the measure of contamination the air you breathe has. It has multiple levels and the level differs due to the source of pollute. The kitchen might be the prime place for smoke but the wall in your bathroom may be the source of mold and spores. The main door offers fresh air but the window to your room opens to the sewage connection. An air purifier should be used continuously to keep the flow of air clean and circulate healthy air around the room. There may not be a definite answer to ‘how long to run an air purifier to eliminate allergens’ but if you've got the best medical grade air purifier, it's ideal to use a minimum 9 to 10 hours for efficient job.

Make Your Life Easier With Wellis Air Purifier!

Make Your Life Easier With Smart Wellis Air Purifiers

We spend hundreds on smart watches, TV and other electric appliances. We pay attention to the diet we eat and water we drink but what about the air we breathe? The air you breathe may be polluted up to 90% and still have no visible contaminants. There can be air borne viruses or bacteria that can easily infect the whole family if the air is not purified regularly. WellisAir purifier may just be the right solution to your problem and make your life easy one investment a time. It works great to tackle the seasonal allergies and flu and keep the pollen away from you. Our purifiers use the latest OH radical technology inspired by nature that combines the moisture in air to create hydroxyls that clean the environment and works by using radicals like OH to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

WellisAir purifier can be mounted on the wall as well as portable which means you can move it from bedroom to living room as per your requirement. WellisAir purifier uses low energy consumption technology to ensure it doesn’t add to the electricity bill or does it harm the environment in any manner. It uses 3.65 watts per hour. Meeting all safety standards, WellisAir purifier is solving our problems one step at a time.

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