Discover How Air Purifiers Can Help You Eliminate Bacteria & Viruses

Discover How Air Purifiers Can Help You Eliminate Bacteria & Viruses

Viruses & Bacteria: The Causes

The microscopic organisms bacteria and viruses, also known as germs, are everywhere around us. In humans, bacteria are essential, such as those in the body, but pathogens, responsible for viral infections, are not. Single-celled bacteria cannot survive without a host, but viruses do. Sterilization will never completely remove these germs from the air we breathe and the surfaces we touch every day. The presence of these microorganisms is detrimental to our health. The poor quality of air around us contributes to many airborne diseases, such as influenza, measles, chicken pox, and whooping cough. Other than surface cleaners, there is now a new technology known as air disinfectants that are used to kill viruses and bacteria in our surroundings.

Figure Out How Bacteria and Viruses Spread Around

Bacteria and viruses spreading around the world is an interesting phenomenon. Air particles allow them to travel from one corner of a room to another. However, the particles are dispersed through the air across the room, not on the surface. Germs are also spread by inefficient air circulation or inadequate ventilation. A sneeze or a simple cough can spread them up to 6 feet away. In other words, one person infected with Coronavirus can easily infect ten more people within a single room. A variety of measures have been taken to reduce the presence of these germs, such as using an air purifier, disinfecting alcohol-based cleaners, and sanitizing surfaces.

Wipe Out the Germs to Protect Yourself: Key Tips to Follow

Now you must be wondering how to protect yourself against these germs. Below are a few ways to do this:

⦿ Use disinfectants for cleaning surfaces which have an alcohol percentage of 60 % and above.
⦿ Clean the high touch surfaces such as doorknobs, switches, and tables etc. on daily basis with a good disinfectant.
⦿ Use HEPA based technology to clean your ducts.
⦿ Use of exhaust fans for clean flow of air.
⦿ It is essential to use an air disinfection purifier to prevent the spread of germs in your home, workplace or even in children's rooms.
⦿ As a result of the recent flu outbreak, visitors, and anyone with symptoms of flu and viral cough should wear masks.
⦿ Wash hands frequently and avoid touching your face unnecessarily.


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    Explore How Wellis Air Purifier Kills Virus & Bacteria

    Perhaps you wonder why WellisAir is the best air purifier available on the market when there are countless others. It is an innovative technology that has become the need of today. AQI (Air quality index) is the measure of air quality within or around any building or structure. Since the air around us can have harmful particles called pollutants, they leave a negative impact on the health of those living near them. These often leave short as well as long term effects on the human body. The instant symptoms being sneezes, sore throat, runny nose and congested chest, dry cough for viral diseases. Disinfecting the air around us through an air disinfection purifier has proved to be quite fruitful over time.  Wellis air disinfection purifier uses a OH Radical Technology to filter out the air using the latest technology. It employs a radical based cleaning mechanism that not only destroys the harmful particles in the surrounding but also thoroughly filters out the air from dust particles. It serves as a portable air cleaner one can move from one room to another as per need and use. It traps harmful particles and removes any virus or bacteria that gets trapped within it. Having refillable cartridges that last for 3 months each allows you to continue cleaning your surfaces and air. Furthermore, you can get a warranty covering the parts and labor for over 18 months. Investing in an air purifier of the same sort will help you improve your surrounding air and hence your health directly.


    Being sick is a state nobody likes. Quality life refers to a healthy lifestyle within the comfort of your home. While your room is your solace, it can also become a reason for your discomfort. To avoid that, one should keep their room and their home or workplace neat and tidy. Frequently clean surfaces to rid of the germs and use effective ventilation methods such as open windows, doors, and well clean ducts. Air purifiers will also serve to be of great use in this regard. By keeping a check on what you inhale, you’ll be taking the first step to an improved and healthy life. Boost your immunity with a healthy diet and supplementary vitamins as per your doctor's suggestion.


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    Frequently Ask Questions

    ► How Common Are Germs Around Us?

    There is no way to measure exactly how prevalent the germs are but safe to know that not all the germs that surround you will take you to a hospital. However, it is still recommended to pay attention to the cleanliness of the surfaces that you frequently touch and use such as doorknobs, keys, switches, and tables.

    ► Can Germs Cause Allergies?

    The germs present around you might be responsible for triggering your body to have an allergy to something as basic as grass or a flower also called allergens. The immune system in a human body protects our body by fighting with germs, however in the process it overreacts to one or the other thing and cause itching, sneezes or cough which ultimately cause you to have an allergic reaction to small particles like pollen or dust.

    ► Do Air Purifiers Work Against Germs?

    A good air purifier can become active against the viruses and bacteria present around you. A purifier will filter out the air and hence will rid the air of all types of impurities. Bear in mind, it can not only clean the air that passes through its filters, but it can also target germs residing on surfaces of wood, metal, and plastic. While a HEPA based air disinfection purifier may only filter out the air, an air purifier based on photocatalytic can prove to be the best air purifier for germs. Air purifier to kill bacteria and viruses using electrostatic and oxidation effects of the ions generated by this filter. It works the same way as an ozone does.

    ► How Efficient Are Air Purifiers?

    Air purifiers have proved to be of great help especially for those who do not have natural air ventilation available. Although it cannot replace the natural air circulation, it plays a significant role when it comes to sterilizing air where a patient might be recovering or in a workplace where open windows and doors aren’t an option to avail.

    ► How Much Space Can Air Purifiers Cover?

    An air disinfection purifier comes in different sizes and a typical air purifier can cover 700 square feet in a single room. Air purifiers are designed to fit into spaces and be portable when needed. They range from medium to large and every model comes with its own specifications.

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