Get Protected From COVID with Air Disinfectants: Find Out How!

Get Protected From COVID with Air Disinfectants: Find Out How!

Learn How COVID Spreads Around? 

A novel coronavirus known as COVID has single-handedly put the entire world under quarantine. The symptoms of infection began appearing after a few days, and patients were compelled to isolate themselves. COVID is usually spread through sneezes and coughs, the tiny droplets that are released from the human body and act as a medium for virus spread. 

At home, if a family member is COVID positive, that room is more difficult to ventilate and sanitize due to its infectious nature. It is suggested to maintain a 6 ft distance from a COVID infected person. Under such circumstances, it is essential that both the patient and others living with them have access to fresh air. When you have a situation like COVID, where infection spreads easily, the best you can get is WellisAir Disinfectant

What Are The Known Symptoms of This Disease?

In late December 2019, the Corona virus began affecting the world, and its new strains have continued to do so. The symptoms of COVID infection were initially thought to be common flu, but later confirmed as coronavirus. Here are some of the symptoms you need to watch out for before you get infected with it. 

⦿ One might experience fever with chills down the spine.
⦿ Shortness of breath and breathing issues is a common onset symptom.
⦿ Sudden drop in the oxygen levels.
⦿ Sore or scratchy throat might also be experienced.
⦿ Body ache, fatigue and headache might come together.
⦿ Congestion or runny nose is a common symptom.
⦿ One often loses sense of smell and taste when infected with COVID.

Different variants often cause different symptoms, and often patients may be asymptomatic, meaning they will not display any sign of infection, and they will only realize they are infected.

How to Keep Your Home Safe from COVID Disease? 

Having discussed the unpleasant symptoms of COVID, let us now turn our attention to the measures you can take to prevent this deadly disease from entering your home:

⦿ Take a moment to wash your hands. We cannot emphasize this enough. We touch lots of surfaces with our hands, including door knobs, cash, hands, and so on. It is possible that these infected hands may contact any part of our body and cause infection. 
⦿ Wear a mask. If a room is filled with COVID patients, the mask is going to be your savior because it will prevent viruses from passing through and into your body.
⦿ Use a sanitizer. Using a sanitizer will help rid your hands of germs or stickiness if you are not at home or not able to wash your hands for 20 seconds. 
⦿ Avoid social gatherings and practice social distancing. There is a high risk of transmission for this disease, and a single person can easily infect many others. 
⦿ Do not touch your face unnecessarily, but if you do so, ensure that you wash it and sanitize it beforehand. 
⦿ Keep your surroundings tidy and clean regularly. Sanitize them through the use of surface disinfectants. Besides employing air purifiers for COVID, you can also find air disinfectants by WellisAir.

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Can Air Purifiers Keep You Safe From COVID? 

The function of air purifiers is to filter the air around you into clean and healthy air that is not harmful to you or those around you. Perhaps we can help you with the efficiency of COVID protection air purifiers if you're considering one. 

✓ See how air purifiers work with different technologies. 

✓ Make the right choice!

Typical filtering mechanisms, such as HEPA, or Hydroxyl (OH radical) based technology, which traps microorganisms as well as killing them. WellisAir Disinfectant works flawlessly. Using the ionization method employed by the ozone layer, it efficiently fights against the novel coronavirus by removing the suspended virus from the air and also provides fresh air for the infected to recover better. Alternatively, a mechanical filter's efficiency is determined by how fine the filter is and what size of particles it is able to remove easily from the air. 

Is Wellis Air Purifier Helpful in Preventing COVID? 

In these uncertain times, an air purifier for COVID 19 would be an interesting investment. The person suffering from COVID is already in a great amount of discomfort. They should get plenty of rest and sleep well. Air purifiers will not just help them recover quickly, but also keep the air sanitized and prevent the spread of germs. Air purifiers keep the breathing environment clean and safe in an eco-friendly manner, and that's what COVID protection air purifiers do. With its portability and lightweight construction, an air purifier provides effective sanitization opportunities easily. You are taking one step closer to a healthier lifestyle. 

Final Verdicts

Our environment is becoming increasingly dangerous to live in each day. Outdoor pollution might be manageable, but indoor pollution - which has become a part of our lives - must be addressed as well. With the added threat of Coronavirus, things are now even more complicated. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a long-term air purifier at such a time. With an air purifier, you can not only eliminate diseases like COVID, but also help keep seasonal allergies & flu under control. Healthy environments lead to a better quality of life today and in the future.


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