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An Ultimate Guide to OH Radical Technology: How Does It Work?

Hydroxyl radicals are found in nature, and they help eliminate odors from the air. Similarly, hydroxyl generators such as WellisAir use a highly advanced technology to recreate the hydroxyl radicals in the air and filter the indoor atmosphere. These hydroxyl atoms convert foreign substances, including VOCs and small particles, into carbon dioxide and water.

Hydroxyl generators do not cause harm and can be safely used around people and delicate materials. They also don't leave behind build up, synthetic odors, chemical smell or other undesirable by-products. This means, hydroxyl generators can be connected, turned on, and run continuously, limiting the measure of personal time for your business.

Hydroxyl air purifiers use a wide scope of UV radiation as the sun normally does to clean and purify indoor conditions. The fundamental strategy for delivering hydroxyl radicals is by duplicating nature's cycle and utilizing various frequencies of high-energy UV lights to respond with oxygen and water fume visible all around. 

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How Hydroxyl Radical (OH) Technology Works?

✔️ Hydroxyl air purifiers are used to dispose of odors and separate unstable natural mixtures (VOCs) in indoor conditions.

✔️ Hydroxyl radicals (- OH) are made normally in the world's environment when the sun's bright beams cause a progression of responses to fall to pieces of water vapors (H2O).

✔️ Hydroxyl radicals quickly decompose synthetics chemicals and play a crucial part in keeping the world's environment clear from unsafe natural and inorganic mixtures.

✔️ Hydroxyl radicals, fundamentally, destroy the sub-atomic design of odors and VOCs, and respond so rapidly that a couple of at any point make it into indoor conditions.

✔️ The half-existence of a hydroxyl radical is short of what one second; however, they begin a chain response where different radicals are shaped, and surprisingly form more hydroxyls, to proceed with the cleaning system.

✔️ Environmental researchers will confirm that hydroxyl radicals are the most important responsive species for keeping our air clean.

✔️ These hydroxyl radicals are known as the second most remarkable oxidant on the planet, just behind fluorine.

✔️ Hydroxyls will respond with upwards of 5,000 unique synthetics and mixtures, to dispose of an exceptionally wide scope of odors and VOCs.

The Pros and Cons of OH Radical Technology

Is OH Radical Technology safe to be around?

In busy areas, hydroxyl generators are enabling air purifiers to run continuously all day long because of their technology. Hydroxyl generators are highly reactive, they can encounter compounds in the air and are protected to work and breath around.  

The Pros

‣ Hydroxyls are the most grounded financially accessible oxidant in the world, and will take out a bigger number of odors and VOCs than some other choice.
‣ The substance can be wet while being freshened up without the risk of bleaching.
‣ The manufacturer's working directions ought to be followed and machines ought to be appropriately dispersed to stay away from high groupings of oxidants during inhabitancy.
‣ When used appropriately they can be operated during the whole reclamation process, while workers and different residents are in the space.
‣ Agencies will generally like the hydroxyl course over ozone since it can dispense with or limit business interference claims.

    The Cons

    ‣ It's valid, ozone will generally dispose of smells more rapidly than hydroxyls as a result of the high concentration of ozone that is delivered. However, that also implies that the space must be empty – individuals and substances.
    ‣ Thus, eventually, this process could wind up taking longer because the reclamation and remediation process needs to go to a sudden stop any time the machines are turned on, and the space should then be aired out once the ozone generators are turned down.

      OH Radical Technology Vs HEPA Filters

      HEPA Filters are regularly used to help with decreasing those with hypersensitivities as they can detect numerous common triggers, like dust and pollen. They can be found in warming, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) frameworks, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, and vehicles, in addition to other things.

      They can not filter out things like infections, viruses, bacteria, unstable natural mixtures (VOCs), and other microscopic organisms. This means you will not have any need to use HEPA Filters if these particles are the source of your problem.

      OH Radical Technology is regularly used during catastrophe recovery since it takes out odors as reclamation groups work on fixes to the structure, yet they are also helpful in different associations, similar to food administration offices, medical clinics, and schools.

      If you have an odor allergic problem, a hydroxyl radical air purifier is a remarkable solution for you since it fills in successfully as different strategies, like ozone generators or thermal fogging, yet is protected to use around people, which conveys business can proceed usually.

      However we introduced HEPA filters and hydroxyl generators as two separate choices but they really work best together. Hydroxyl generators are financially adaptable and HEPA filters glorify their experiments with the removal of 99.99% of all pathogens.

      Using both the techniques mean capturing particles like pollen and dust while eliminating VOCs and other microscopic organisms, including those suspended in the air.

      Wrapping Up

      There are a few types of hydroxyl generators available today for rebuilding project workers, and they each work somewhat differently.

      The sun's ultraviolet lights combine with moisture in the surrounding air to make air hydroxyls that cleans and protects the earth's current situation. WellisAir's protected innovation gives a constant stream of hydroxyls that destroy foreign substances that stimulate air contamination. You are instructed to be steady to understand the different kinds of generators available, and to examine their sufficiency before making a buy.

      WellsAir uses a hydroxyl radical generator that destroys airborne pathogens. No other filter or UV rays are needed for the purification of the surrounding air. It eliminates up to 99.9% of pathogenic microorganisms.

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