Air purifier vs air sanitizer

Air Sanitizer Vs Air Purifier: Find out Which One Is Better?

What Is a UV Air Sanitizer and How Does it Work?

Nature's most fundamental element, air, penetrates deeply into our bodies and is indispensable for survival. It is often impossible to see particles in the air with the naked eye, but when they are visible, it is time to take some precautions for your own health and safety. Air can contain bacteria, viruses, contaminants and allergens that can cause respiratory, lung and throat diseases. Some may cause mild symptoms, such as sore throats and watery eyes, but lead to long-term illnesses, such as lung cancer. Also it helps get you protected From COVID disease.

An air sterilizer is essential if we want a clean environment. The air is sanitized by an air sterilizer which uses either UV light or ionization. It cleans the air surrounding you so that you can breathe healthy air.  

But how does it work? 

UV air sanitizers remove harmful particles from the air by using ultraviolet rays. An air purifier removes particles from the air, whereas an air sterilizer scans and cleans the air using rays. 

    Air Purifier Vs Air Sanitizers: Note down the Differences 

    If you are reading this article, you have now made a decision to improve your home's indoor air quality. The debate between air purifiers and air sanitizers is an interesting one. If you opt to purchase a similar product, you will have two choices. This is a common phrase that you will hear. The purpose of an air purifier is to filter the air. Utilizing ventilation and air flow, the porous air filters capture the particles suspended in the air. The technology has the ability to remove particles as small as 125 nanometers. On the other hand, an air sanitizer uses OH radicals and ultraviolet light to disinfect the air around us. By doing so, it purifies the air from all toxins. 

    Explore the Mechanism behind Air Purifier & UV Air Sanitizer Machine 

    High-efficiency particulate absorbing technology is used in HEPA air purifiers to filter nano-sized particles from the air. It purifies the air by capturing the contaminants in filters with such fine pores that they do not allow the air to be repeatedly polluted. UV air sanitizers use the OH radical or ozone-inspired technology to both identify and also destroy microorganisms in the air and on surfaces. Just like the WellisAir Disinfection Purifier, it does not just capture microorganisms, but it also kills them. 

    Comparison Chart (Between WellisAir Disinfectant vs Conventional Air Purifier Features)


    Type of Air Purifiers

    WellisAir Disinfectant

    Conventional Air Purifiers




    Power consumption


    (3.6 watts/hour)



    Light weight (Portable)

    Heavy (Difficult to move)


    Pocket friendly






    What Kind of Filter Technology Do Air Purifiers & Air Sanitizers Employ? 

    The most popular air purifier uses HEPA technology, but there are several other technologies that can be employed as well. As an alternative, air sanitizers make use of chemical innovations to improve the air we breathe. HEPA filter uses a mechanical filter that is fine enough to capture most of the particles in the air but can be harmful to your health. To make sure that the air purifier only works against suspended air, you should also deep clean rugs, sofas, and other surface areas. Besides harmful contaminants, air sanitizers OR air disinfectants also target the microorganisms in the air that cause long-term illnesses. The end result of both is a clean environment that you can live and breathe in. With a portable air disinfectant, you'll be able to move it around the house where you spend most of your time. 

    What’s the Best Place to Use Air Disinfectants: Home OR Office?

    Another interesting thing to talk about is where do you use it? 

    It is simple!

    Wherever you spend most of your waking hours can benefit from it. Be it your cabin, your library or your pet room. With a germ guardian air purifier, there are no restrictions on how it can be used. The latest air purifying technology (such as UV Air Disinfectants) will allow you to breathe good quality air. An air disinfection machine is responsible for maintaining a clean environment for you. Just consider the size or area of the room and the purifier that is most suitable for it. 

    Understanding WellisAir Purifier Technology UV 

    WellisAir is a name of trust and it comes with a range of air purifiers for you to choose from as per your need. The air sanitizer uses a technology based on Hydroxyl radicals (OH radicals) to kill and remove microorganisms that might be harmful to our health. This technology is more than three years old, patented, lab-tested, and already in use in other medical applications. As the sun's ultraviolet rays combine with the moisture in the air, they produce atmospheric hydroxyls that clean and protect the earth's environment. (OH) Radicals are created by nature and found in ozone. These same OH particles are produced by Wellis Air to destroy surface and airborne contaminants. Hydrogen + oxygen = H2O Wellis Air OH radicals steal hydrogen molecules from viruses and bacteria and join them with oxygen to make tiny water molecules. It is completely safe and clean. The environmental-friendly technology of Wellis Air purifier makes it the best home air purifier. 

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