Protect from Covid through air purifier

05 Features to Protect Against COVID-19 Through Surface & Air Disinfectants

Figure Out What Coronavirus Is? Let’s Look at the Basics

Coronavirus disease 2019 is an infection caused by SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). An outbreak of Coronavirus occurred recently. Unfortunately, there is no cure to eliminate COVID completely. This infectious disease affects the respiratory system greatly, which makes breathing challenging. The infection can result in severe illness and possibly death when it contacts mucus layers in the eyes, nose, and mouth. Clinical experts and health organizations are still working on finding a cure for COVID. COVID-19 is usually transmitted through physical contact and respiratory droplets, while airborne transmission may occur during medical procedures that produce aerosols.

In the previously available study reports, transmission of COVID-19 is not directly linked to atmospheric contamination; however, a recent study has shown air and surface pollution to play a critical role in its spread. As of now, this direction intends to limit the role played by medical care and non-medical services in transmission of COVID-19.

Safety Precautions To Counter COVID-19

The COVID-19 has increased concerns over air pollution in hospitals, where there is a high number of patients available for treatment that requires a clean, healthy environment for their recovery. In order to prevent further transmission of this infection, these surfaces, particularly those that must be touched by patients suffering from COVID-19, should be cleaned and sanitized appropriately.

Studies have shown that germs, bacteria's and viruses can be spread in medical facilities due to the polluted environment, resulting in the transmission of diseases like Coronavirus and other infections.


The air purifier (also known as an air disinfectant) has been used for so long as an ideal tool for removing particles from homes, workplaces, and research facilities. Wellis air Purifier utilizes OH radical technology to capture and filter harmful airborne particles. Wellis air creates a healthy environment that's completely free of germs and bacteria with its powerful technology. The machine is portable and lightweight. There are refill cartridges offered by Wellis air purifiers that last for three months each. It provides a 3 month warranty for the total indoor environment and offers comfort to a healthy lifestyle. This helps to give us fresh breath and improve the quality of air around us. It has complete protection against all bacteria including (influenza, covid-19).


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A Droplet Spray For Close-Range

Droplet sprays are delivered when an infected individual breathes out (sings, coughs, hacks, hollers, or talks). These drops will typically be larger and will fall rapidly within seconds to minutes from the air inside the space. An air purifier is not effective in preventing such transmissions. As a result of this type of transmission, social removal and masks, along with filtration pressure differentials, are beneficial.

Spreading Through Physical Contact

When an individual touches an object or surface that has been polluted and then touches their mouth, nose, or eyes, this can spread a disease. However, air purifiers are not effective for this type of transmission. The use of great cleanliness is crucial for this type of transmission. Using surface disinfectants is a good way to achieve great cleanliness.

The Airborne Transmission of Disease

When breathing out, an individual produces little respiratory droplets. As a result, Infections are able to circulate for a very long time indefinitely throughout their surroundings while traveling long distances on airflow. There is no doubt that airborne particles cause illnesses such as seasonal allergies and flu. Air purifiers with differential filtration pressure can be helpful in this situation for removing particles from the air to make it safe to breathe.

05 Features To Protect Against COVID-19 Through Air & Surface Disinfectants

1. Air Purifier’s Filter To Counter Coronavirus

During the purification process, an air purifier removes particulates that are present all around the environment, including smoke, dust, and other harmful substances. As the contaminated air in the room passes through the air purifier, the filters capture all the residues, toxins, and other harmful components. The air purifier fan then works to push out the purified air. Air purifiers are extremely significant for the prevention of Coronavirus. Its filters make it effective to get you protected from COVID with air disinfectant purifiers.

2. High Efficiency Particulate Air To Disinfect The Environment

To trap particles, air disinfection purifiers use cross-section filters typically made from glass or synthetic fibers. In order to prevent particle contamination, high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) or Hyper HEPA filters are used.

3. Mechanical Filter For The Removal of Airborne Particles

Mechanical filtration is the most secure and best strategy for removal of airborne particles from the air. The effectiveness of air filters varies greatly. As the air filters through, larger particles are trapped while water and soil are filtered. The mechanical filter is similar to a sifter and captures food as well as filtering water and soil.

4. Synthetic Fibers To Kill Pathogens

To increase the tenacity of synthetic air filters, they use a charged media made up of fibers that carry an electric charge. The upsides of clean breeze airflow, most HEPA filters today use simulated media. In any case, these filaments lose their charge over the long run, as particles stick to the filter and the filter turns out to be loaded as well.

In fact, the HEPA effectiveness significantly decreases as the filter is piled up with toxins – eventually, it becomes "over-burden" with particles, and the performance of the air purifier is reduced.

5. Hydroxyl Radicals For Decomposing Microorganisms

Wellis air purifiers use OH Radical Technology to quickly decompose ultra-fine microorganisms. Essentially, hydroxyl radicals break apart the sub-atomic components of odors and VOCs, and their response is so rapid they are able to reach indoor areas and protect the environment from Coronavirus. It is estimated that COVID-19 and other related SARS infections are about 0.06 to 0.14 microns in size. These are considerably smaller than the 0.3 microns measured by HEPA. A good air purifier will guarantee to filter ultra-fine particles and meet high assembly standards.


Air purifiers are not intended to be the only means of protecting against COVID-19, social distancing, wearing masks, rehearsing great cleanliness and staying hygienic ought to be your main defenses. But an air disinfection purifier that can filter out airborne ultra-fine particles, including infections like COVID-19, is a decent piece for defense against this virus.



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